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Operating from a top secret underground bunker in the deserted wastelands north of Los Angeles, AHTCK is a post-apocalyptic rock/metal group that dons their best battle gear to provide show goers with a truly unique experience. Crowd participation is contagious. Energy levels are off the charts. Fallout sickness is a definite possibility.

In September of 2016, AHTCK emerged from their hidden fortress with "The Ascension EP" - it was darker and heavier than any previous propaganda piece and it was met with raving approval from fans old and new.

AHTCK has been described as the "house band" of Wasteland Weekend - the worlds largest post-apocalyptic music and arts festival. Having destroyed the stage each year since 2012, it has become the annual homecoming of the band - celebrating one more year of survival and triumph.

AHTCK is currently performing all over California in support of "The Ascension EP" and is planing on expansions out of state for 2017.